Astrofarm is an innovative ICT supplier for the maritime industry. With over 10 years of experience we have the know how to support any type of customer in the industry. Our setups have been implemented on all kinds of vessel and has over time showed to be the rock solid solution we wanted to provide to a demanding industry.  We design our solutions with backup and redundancy in mind. We know the importance of communication and cost of hardware/software failure and plan accordingly. During the design phase we plan for a 50% hardware failure and still be able to run the systems.

To be able to achieve the redundancy we put extra effort into disaster recovery planning and documentation. With the DR documentation and our custom spare part cases we can sort almost anything from shore and avoid unnecessary travels and downtime.

All services onboard are monitored and backup’s are verified daily. All incidents are registered in our helpdesk system and sorted based on priority. Our helpdesk speaks, English, Norwegian and Dutch.

Our geo-redundant datacenters is the core of all operations, we provide email services, vpn, antivirus, content filtering and much more for all the vessels operating under our management. With the datacenter, we also provide cloud servers for customer who want a secure location for their business critical application and services. This flexibility makes us able to provide a complete setup for both offices and vessels. Our support team have designed numerous office and branch offices for customers located all around the world.

With logistics and consultant in Ivory Coast and logistics hub in Brazil we are able to support vessels in the region on short notice. This enables a truly global support platform.

Project planning/newbuilds

Astrofarm have over time gained experience on conversions and newbuilds. We believe that we can play an important role in design phase to avoid double work and delays.  We see how shipyards handle many of the different parts of the building as separate projects. With the correct planning, many of these tasks can be done at the same time, this will enable the different suppliers to arrive onboard with much of the infrastructure already in place. We work with partners like Vizada, KVH, Alcatel, ShipAdmin,  Jotron, Epic, Baze Technologies to be able to provide a network solution that will give the owners a well proven solution.


Our solutions are a hybrid solution between physical hardware and virtual hardware. All solutions are based on a template that is well proven and modified according to the customers needs and size of the vessel/barge/rig.